Yellow Freight

YellowFreightYellow Freight has a comprehensive network in North America with local, regional, national and international capabilities. Yellow Freight offers supply chain solutions for heavyweight shipments and serves customers who ship industrial, commercial and retail goods. The company is headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas.

Business Challenge

A company in the transportation industry identified a major business need in the area of productivity. Specifically, the productivity of the IT Department was hampered by the lack of interpersonal skills, teamwork, and communication. The IT department in the transportation company plays an important role in the core activities of the organization, which is evident from the sheer number of IT professionals employed. 


IT Managers: Management Program
The IT managers went through a management program conducted over a period of five months. 
IT Staff: Communications, Human Relations Skills and Presentations Program
The IT staff attended the training over the same period of five months. 


Our client was able to implement innovation projects worth $2.5 million in cost savings and revenue generation. The projects implemented came from a pool of innovative ideas that are worth $5 million.